AngularJS Application End to End Testing with Protractor Tool : Part 1

What is End to End Testing?

End to End Testing is used to determine the performance of application as per requirement. For large and complex applications manual testing is not sufficient to verify the correctness of new features, catch bugs and notice regression. To resolve issue of integration between components End to End tests are made.The purpose of End to End testing is to verify flow of an application from start to end. Hence, the name End to End.


Using Protractor

Protractor, officially known as End to End Testing framework. It is open source functional automation framework that is used to test AngularJs web applications.

Protractor is a “Node.js” Program. It runs End To End tests that are written in JavaScript. Protractor uses “Jasmine” test framework and it is default inbuilt framework that comes with protractor by default.

Protractor will set up test using a local standalone selenium server that is used to control browsers. To run this server it requires “Java Development Kit (JDK)” to be installed. To get instance of running selenium server protractor has provided “Webdriver-Manager” helper tool that comes with protractor as default tool.


Prerequisites & Installation


  • Node.js Source Code (Latest Version)
  • Java Development Kit(JDK)


Step 1: Install Node.Js

  1. Download the windows installer of Node js from
  2. Follow the steps to install Node js from
  3. To test Node js installation properly open command prompt and execute any single command “node –version” or “node –v”. This should print version number of node. So you will see something like v4.5.0 (i.e. latest installed version of node in your computer)
  4. Once Node js is installed properly, make sure its path configured correctly, so that command execution can Find Node.
    • To check path configuration open ‘Advanced System Settings’ by selecting ‘properties’ option of ‘My Computer’.
    • Check System Variables having ‘Path’ variable with its configure value i.e ‘C:\Program Files\nodejs\’ (This value is added in ‘Path’ variable once Node.Js installer is installed successfully)

Step 2: Install Java Development Kit(JDK)

  1. Download the JDK from the following link by selecting Accept License Agreement option,
  2. Follow the steps to install JDK from

Step 3: Install Protractor Globally

  1. Open the command prompt and type “npm install –g protractor” command to install protractor globallyNote: To install protractor locally in project directory open command prompt in local project directory and type following command
    npm install protractor

    Verify Installation: To verify installation type following command in command prompt once protractor is installed.

    Protractor –version

    If protractor is installed properly, the system will display version of protractor, otherwise you will have to recheck the installation process.

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