Google Meet Vs Microsoft Teams

Google Meet Vs Microsoft Teams : Let’s Collaborate

In this work from home culture, it is very important to stay connected with your team continuously. If you will search for collaboration tools online, you will get plenty of options. But in this article I will talk and compare two giants, Google Meet Vs Microsoft Teams based on my experience as I using using both for collaboration.

Google Meet

Google meet is revamped version of Hangout, focusing on premium video meetings and totally free for everyone. This service is also part of GSuite. For a free user it is allowed to have 100 participants and maximum 1 hour of meeting. This features are differ based on your GSuite account. Click here to know more about pricing part.

Key features that I noticed while using it and some of I read from official website are:

      • You can directly create a meeting from google calendar
      • It support both video and voice calling
      • It can be joined from web browser
      • Very nice screen sharing feature. Where you can share full screen or a single document/file also
      • Admin has custom control option
      • It has smart search option
      • It also allow user to join the meeting by dialing a number from phone if user does not have internet connectivity
      • You can invite anyone for the meeting having valid gmail account
      • It also give option of exchange of screen control
      • It allows messaging also in the current meeting. This feature will help you to check whether everyone can here you or not 😂😂

Microsoft Teams

There is a story behind Microsoft Teams. I am not sure if it is true or not but let me share it with you guys in a short note. Once Satya Nadella and Bill Gates where having coffee and they were discussing on a plan to buy Slack. But somehow they ended discussion with plan to build own product, and this is how Microsoft Teams born. Soon Microsoft is planning to end support of Skype they are fully migrating and asking customers to move on Teams.

Microsoft Teams is a member of Microsoft 365 family, which is also available for free. Click here to know more about pricing part.

Focus of Teams is chat based collaboration. It has wide range of tools/applications to integrate with it. I believe if you are at a position where you do more management stuff, you can end up your day by using Teams only. With one or other way you can use most of the Microsoft 365 products inside Teams only.

Features that Microsoft Teams support are:

      • Based on your role/work/organization group you can create multiple Teams, and inside those teams you can have multiple channels based on requirement
      • In channels you collaborate with the chat where you can mention someone as well
      • Microsoft Teams support wide range of integrations at channel level and at Team level as well
      • It allow user to create meeting which automatically display in outlook calendar
      • In meeting it allows you to user video and audio both
      • It allow screen sharing and file sharing
      • While doing meeting user can exchange control as well
      • Like google meet you can chat in a meeting and check check whether everyone can here you or not 😂😂
      • You can record the meeting and playback it later
      • If you don’t have internet connection it allow you to join through calling option
      • We can access Teams over Web, Mobile, and Desktop as well
      • It has global search feature using which you can find contact, files, and chats

In recent MS Build event Satya announced that Teams has reached daily 75 Million users. I suggest to find out features of Teams you should use it once 😉

Let’s Compare Google Meet Vs Microsoft Teams

      • Google meet is focused on Video Conversation whereas MS Teams is mainly focused on quick chat based collaboration
      • Compare to Google Meet, MS Team has more tools to integrate and collaborate with it
      • In live streaming Google Meet supports 1,00,000 users whereas recently I noticed in MS Teams based live streaming user were not able to joint after it reached 10,000 attendees. It can be a bug, I am not sure
      • Team is more suitable for an organization, whereas if you want to have personal call with some group of people I would suggest you to go with Google Meet
      • Compare to MS Teams, it is easy in Google Meet to schedule a meeting for people outside of the organization
      • Apart from free versions you can find compare the pricing from links I have provided in article

Hope you like the experience I have shared. If the article is worth reading I argue you to like it and share it with others as well. If you want to add any point in this article do comment here with your name, I will update it.

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