How I became a developer?

It is well said that ‘Not everything planned is good and not everything unplanned is bad’ this worked exactly in my case.

Back then, I knew almost nothing about coding. Today, I’m a software engineer and currently working as a ‘SQL server database developer’ in one of the organization.

Being a developer was never ever in my list of what I wanted to become. I wanted to become a dancer and was passionate about it but I also wanted to go for a stable career.

At that time, I was very good at Mathematics too. So I decided to go for engineering but was not sure of which engineering. Trust me before taking IT engineering I didn’t even knew what IT is. Everyone used to say, ‘Girls usually go for IT engineering ‘ and I opted for it.

Initially it was like – ‘This is not my cup of tea’. But gradually, semester after semester, I started loving coding. Coding became my passion.

Than the race started, for getting good marks and getting placed in a Good IT company. I knew it might be the hardest thing I ever did. But I resolved to see it through. I was going to make this happen.

I remember, when I was giving interviews in different companies, just like everyone else I wanted to go for JAVA. But my interviewer suggested that I shouldn’t be bound to a particular technology and He offered me a job as a database developer. At that time I was unsure of opting database as a career but when I researched about it, I found it to be a very good career option and yes I went for it.

The work which we do includes server monitoring; Creating, maintaining, optimizing database object, database and ETL processes. These database objects are than used by the developers for further development in order to fulfil client’s requirement.

As a developer you actually feel valuable. It’s been almost 9 months since I have been working as a database developer and I’m enjoying every bit of it.

So to wrap up – ‘Great things never come from comfort zones’

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