How I became a developer?

It is well said that ‘Not everything planned is good and not everything unplanned is bad’ this worked exactly in my case.

Back then, I knew almost nothing about coding. Today, I’m a software engineer and currently working as a ‘SQL server database developer’ in one of the organization.

Being a developer was never ever in my list of what I wanted to become. I wanted to become a dancer and was passionate about it but I also wanted to go for a stable career.

At that time, I was very good at Mathematics too. So I decided to go for engineering but was not sure of which engineering. Trust me before taking IT engineering I didn’t even knew what IT is. Everyone used to say, ‘Girls usually go for IT engineering ‘ and I opted for it.

Initially it was like – ‘This is not my cup of tea’. But gradually, semester after semester, I started loving coding. Coding became my passion.

Than the race started, for getting good marks and getting placed in a Good IT company. I knew it might be the hardest thing I ever did. But I resolved to see it through. I was going to make this happen.

I remember, when I was giving interviews in different companies, just like everyone else I wanted to go for JAVA. But my interviewer suggested that I shouldn’t be bound to a particular technology and He offered me a job as a database developer. At that time I was unsure of opting database as a career but when I researched about it, I found it to be a very good career option and yes I went for it.

The work which we do includes server monitoring; Creating, maintaining, optimizing database object, database and ETL processes. These database objects are than used by the developers for further development in order to fulfil client’s requirement.

As a developer you actually feel valuable. It’s been almost 9 months since I have been working as a database developer and I’m enjoying every bit of it.

So to wrap up – ‘Great things never come from comfort zones’

Priyanka Kukdeja
She is a software engineer. Currently working as database developer. She is a passionate developer and always ready to learn.
Her area of interest is in developing database objects, and other database related work. Other than that, she also loves giving speech and writing articles.
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