How to create Google Analytics account and Track Website?

For creating Google Analytics account follow the steps listed below.

  • If you have google account the sign-in to it or else create a new one.
  • After succesfull creation of account login with google account credential into below link.
  • After you have signed-in you need to sign-up for google analytics.signup
  • After you click the sign-up button you will be redirected to details page in which for getting google analytics Tracking Code we need to fill all below mandatory fields.
    • Account Name
    • Website Name
    • Website URL
    • Industry category
    • Reporting Time Zone
  • You can create maximum 100 accounts.details
  • After providing all the details, you need to choose data sharing options. Once enabled this option you need to provide full data access to given products. For further information about Data Sharing Settings click on Learn more link as displayed in below image.terms
  • Based on your requirement you need to choose options and agree with terms and conditions. After filling all the details you need to get google tracking script code by click on Get Tracking ID as shown in image below.
  • After the code is generated simply past the code in header section of layout page and track the activities of your website.code

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