Microsoft announces Visual Studio 2019

After acquisition of GitHub, Microsoft came up with one more announcement for the developer community, “Visual Studio 2019”. Microsoft yesterday announced Visual Studio 2019, the next version of its awesome integrated development environment (IDE). With the announcement they have stated that the release plan/dates will be share in coming months.

Some glimpse from official blog, below are some statements they have made:

  • Because the Developer Tools teams (especially .NET and Roslyn) do so much work in GitHub, you’ll start to see check-ins that indicate that we’re laying the foundation for Visual Studio 2019. We’re now in the early planning phase of Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio for Mac.
  • We remain committed to making Visual Studio faster, more reliable, more productive for individuals and teams, easier to use, and easier to get started with.
  • Expect more and better refactoring, better navigation, more capabilities in the debugger, faster solution load, and faster builds.
  • Let expect us to continue to explore how connected capabilities like Live Share can enable developers to collaborate in real time from across the world, and how we can make cloud scenarios like working with online source repositories more seamless.
  • Expect us to push the boundaries of individual and team productivity with capabilities like IntelliCode, where Visual Studio can use Azure to train and deliver AI-powered assistance into the IDE.
  • Visual Studio 2019 previews will install side by side with Visual Studio 2017 and won’t require a major operating system upgrade

In announcement on their blog they have noted that:

Our goal with this next release is to make it a simple, easy upgrade for everyone

You will be able to access preview version of Visual Studio 2019 once it got released from here.

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