GitLab Introduces GitLab Serverless

Recently, GitLab has a new platform, Gitlab Serverless that is intended to enable enterprises to deploy serverless functions and applications on any cloud or infrastructure directly from the GitLab UI through Google’s open-source Kubernetes-based platform Knative.

GitLab has developed the platform in collaboration with TriggerMesh, and it is released with GitLab version (v11.6), on December 22.


Source: GitLab 

The highlights of GitLab Serverless include:
  • It will enable enterprises to plan, build, and manage serverless workloads with the rest of their code from within the same GitLab UI.
  • It Leverages Knative, which helps autoscaling down to zero and back-up to run serverless workloads on Kubernetes enabling businesses to employ a multi-cloud strategy and leverage the value of serverless without being locked into a specific cloud provider.
  • It lets the users run their own FaaS on any infrastructure without the vendor lock-in of traditional cloud function services.
  • It permits you to go multi-cloud and deploy to any cloud or on-premises infrastructure. One can choose to run Serverless workloads anywhere Kubernetes runs.
For more information, you can visit the official website.


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