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CORS Anywhere

After a recent domain change at my workplace one of the API endpoints became inaccessible due to some configuration problems resulting in incorrect behavior in regards to cross-origin resource sharing policy. It interfered with one non-critical function of the website and was a bit of a nuisances but not big enough for back-end team to prioritize fixing it.

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Bootstrapping multiple modules in AngularJS

In this article we will be Understanding AngularJS Bootstrap Process talking about automatic Bootstrapping and manual Bootstrapping multiple modules in AngularJS.

Angular initiates automatically upon DOMContentLoaded event or when the angular.js script is downloaded to the browser and the document.readyState is set to complete.

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Native HTML5 Games with Phaser and Capacitor

Building HTML5 games with Phaser has been somewhat of a hobby of mine over the past few years, and I will be writing a few tutorials about Phaser with a focus on developing HTML5 games for mobile. However, despite having created a few mostly finished games most of them never actually see the light of day.

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Capacitor – A New Native Bridge for Web Apps

A short while ago, the Ionic team announced that they were working on a project called “Avocado” which later took on its official moniker of Capacitor. In this article, I want to introduce you to Capacitor and what it will do.

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Top AngularJS interview questions

Read Angular js interview questions including topic advanced topics like Dependency injection, Two-way binding, scope in angular js and many more.

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What’s new in Android P developer preview?

As it has for the last couple years, Google is releasing a developer preview of the next version of Android in March. Before you ask, no, we don’t know the name beyond “Android P.” Another thing we don’t know is just how big the user-facing changes will be this time around, as this preview is mostly focused on the changes that will affect developers.

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JavaScript Running On A Wearable? Yes, And Its Native and Angular.

A while ago i was Searching, if it’s possible to use NativeScript and Angular with Android Wear. It’s possible, easy to setup in 5 steps and with FlexBox in NativeScript you can even handle small screens.

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CSS Keylogger

This post is based on Chrome extension and Express server that exploits keylogging abilities of CSS i.e. CSS Keylogger. Scary little attack using essentially a bunch of attribute selectors.

This attack is really simple. Utilizing CSS attribute selectors, one can request resources from an external server under the premise of loading a background-image.

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What’s new in ECMAScript 2018

Four new feature proposals for the specification underlying JavaScript are finalized and four others are under consideration

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How to optimize the performance of ng-repeat in AngularJS?

Today we would focus on improving the performance of Angular JS code by learning the basics of ng-repeat and then how to enhance its capabilities.

ng-repeat :- 
It is directive which create instant of template for each item in the collection.

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