Tap for quick debugging

This little beastie here is tap. A really useful function for quick-debugging chains of function calls, anonymous functions and, actually, whatever you just want to print.

Why would you use instead of good old console.log? Let me show you an example:

Now, suppose you’re getting nothing from this chain (possibly an error). Where is it failing? Maybe bank_info isn’t returning anything, so we’ll tap it:

Depending on our particular implementation, it might print something or not. I’ll assume the information that we got from our tapping was correct and therefore, bank_info isn’t causing anything.

We must then move on to the next chain, filter.

Are we receiving any c’s (clients actually)? If so, then bank_totals_by_client works alright. Maybe it’s the condition within the filter?

Ah! Sweet, we see nothing but false printed, so there’s no client with >25000, that’s why the function was returning nothing.

(Bonus) A more advanced tap.

Now we’re talking about a more advanced beast, what if we wanted to perform a certain operation prior to tapping? i.e, we want to access a certain object property, perform a logical operation, etc. with our tapped object? Then we call old good tap with an extra argument, a function to be applied at the moment of tapping.

If you want to improve Tap let your answer in comment section below.

Arif Khoja
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