Pug is a template language for Javascript that I have grown to enjoy a lot. My impression is that a lot of people use it, if they use a template engine for server side rendering using Node.

The big question is if you need it or not in 2017. I personally believe that there is a place for it, when you just want to put together something really simple, where the interactivity of a full fledged front end system like React or Angular would be overkill. But you could probably make something similar yourself with template literals if your needs are really simple.

But I personally just go with pug, because the syntax is elegant and easy to learn. It performs well. And it is really easy to use it with Express.

Arif Khoja
Arif Khoja is a Developer. He is a Javascript Enthusiatic who loves logical programming and has first hand experience in building a cutting edge internet product using Angular. He is also an open source freak and keen about learning and sharing. He writes Javascript both frontend and backend. He loves learning and sharing tech all the time. He also has a hands on experience in SEO and writes articles about latest emerging technologies.
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