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Redux Example

In case you missed out the basic for redux, you can Find it Here

A Redux Store consists of a few different parts. You always have a single store, that uses either a single Reducer or Multiple Reducers (through Redux’s CombineReducers method). And you dispatch actions to your reducers. (You also have the initial state for each reducer, that is the default values).

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Okay. So redux is a very simple solution to manage state. It has a few different parts, but none of them are difficult to understand, and it is very easy to work with. I don’t think I ever see any bugs in that part of my code bases.

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React: Hello World and JSX

This is a typical Hello World implementation in React in JSX file. It shows one of two ways you can write components, and how you pass data to a components.

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What React is, and how it is different.

We often compare React, Angular and Vue. I get why. But it isn’t the best. Because both Vue and Angular are more complete solutions for building web apps, while React are just a library for dealing with the user interface part of it.

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React: A blog post series about React development

One of the first things I wrote down in my notebook as I was planning or trying to figure out if there was enough stuff to write about to do this site was a React introduction.

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