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CORS Anywhere

After a recent domain change at my workplace one of the API endpoints became inaccessible due to some configuration problems resulting in incorrect behavior in regards to cross-origin resource sharing policy. It interfered with one non-critical function of the website and was a bit of a nuisances but not big enough for back-end team to prioritize fixing it.

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Bootstrapping multiple modules in AngularJS

In this article we will be Understanding AngularJS Bootstrap Process talking about automatic Bootstrapping and manual Bootstrapping multiple modules in AngularJS.

Angular initiates automatically upon DOMContentLoaded event or when the angular.js script is downloaded to the browser and the document.readyState is set to complete.

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How to optimize the performance of ng-repeat in AngularJS?

Today we would focus on improving the performance of Angular JS code by learning the basics of ng-repeat and then how to enhance its capabilities.

ng-repeat :- 
It is directive which create instant of template for each item in the collection.

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Okay. So redux is a very simple solution to manage state. It has a few different parts, but none of them are difficult to understand, and it is very easy to work with. I don’t think I ever see any bugs in that part of my code bases.

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AngularJS – 10 Best Practices to Create Custom Directives

This article represents top 10 best practices that one may want to apply while creating custom directives. Please feel free to comment/suggest if I missed to mention one or more important points. Also, sorry for the typos.

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Apply mCustomScrollbar using Angular Directive


Directives are very well-known in the world of angular developers. Every developer knows the power of a Directive. AngularJS has already provided many inbuilt directives which we are using on daily basis.

Why custom scroll bars are useful?

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How To Remove Hash From Application URL In AngularJS


Angular is a framework, which is developed and maintained by Google. It has features such as Two-Way binding, Dependency Injection, Testing and Directives. It is widely used to create a Single Page Application(SPA) with Two-Way binding.

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AngularJS Application End to End Testing with Protractor Tool : Part 1

What is End to End Testing?

End to End Testing is used to determine the performance of application as per requirement. For large and complex applications manual testing is not sufficient to verify the correctness of new features, catch bugs and notice regression. To resolve issue of integration between components End to End tests are made.

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